Snowflakes in the Cemetery: Contemporary Installation

Snowflakes in the Cemetery is a contemporary installation written and composed by Theo Teris, choreographed by Maria Caruso, performed by Bodiography Contemporary Ballet and with a video backdrop directed by MacKenzie Bates. It had a two-night run at Carnegie Mellon in Spring 2015 and is bring performed again on April 29, 2016 at Duquesne University.

This installation deals with the issue of violence women face in college across the country. Influences such as the Columbia rape victims and the Steubenville rape case inspired this examination of the issues women face.

In ballet, no one speaks, which sadly is how some women react after they have been abused. Written as it would happen today, the story told on stage aims to be accessible with the hope it will prevent future offenses being swept under the rug. With the goal of creating an experience that is more than just music and dancers, this unique and diverse team of creatives set out to tell a story that viewers can follow.